Decoration Ministry

If someone were to ask me why I decided to be part of the decorating ministry for St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, my response would be “it is my church and I love to decorate.”  To me decorating a church, a home, or any space gives it life and serves as a reminder that we are to celebrate that which we consider important to us.  Whenever I decorate the church I find myself thinking of the reason behind it and how best to portray the liturgy through the décor.  My goal and the goal of the decorating team is not only to enhance and compliment the liturgy but also to create an atmosphere conducive to worship. 

 No one person in our small decorating team has all the answers when it comes to decorating our church, but we exchange ideas and visions and bring them to fruition.  At the end of it all, we do it for the glory of God. 

At St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, we are always looking for ways to make our place of worship more beautiful and meaningful.  If you love creating an atmosphere, working with flowers, designing spaces, or just want to be part of a ministry, the Decorating Ministry is the place for you.   To sign-up please contact the church office or reach out to Ms. Winifred Hardy or me after Holy Mass on Sundays.

Best Wishes,

Magdalen Joseph

Decorating Ministry Chairperson