Sacred Heart Society

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the first Catholic devotion specifically requested and established by Our Lord Jesus Himself. In June 1675, Jesus instructed St, Margaret Mary Alacoque a French nun that he wished devotion to His Sacred Heart be made to the world.  He revealed to her His Twelve Great Promises.  These promises include Devotion to the Sacred Heart on the first Friday of each month.  To encourage the practice of the Devotion, the Church grants a Plenary indulgence to those who attend Mass and receive Communion in honor of His Sacred Heart.

Church members, who request membership in the Sacred Heart Society are presented to the congregation and blessed by the priest. They receive a Sacred Heart medal on a red ribbon which we wear on First Sundays of the month. The medal is used in atonement by which we accept with love and faith our share in the suffering of Christ.

Members are expected not only to attend mass on the first Friday of each month, but also to participate in the mass on First Sundays dressed in white and wearing the red ribbon. Our Sacred Heart Society offers 12 masses for the members.  We participate in the parish as lectors, choir members, song leaders, ministers of communion, and visit the sick at home as well as in the hospital.  Additionally, once a year we provide gifts for the elderly at Herbert Gregg Home for the Aged.

Our society celebrates the feast of the Sacred Heart in June. The novena to the Sacred Heart is conducted followed by a conference to help the members grow in faith, hope and love.

Upon request, the society will conduct home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Julia Pankey